Turn the other CHEEK, Really?

Posted By: tcarter on Dec 08, 2011 in News

Turn the other CHEEK, Really?

Read Matthew 27:27-31 & Matthew 5:39 (NIV & The MSG)

     At this time of the year when there is so much joy at Christmas – No Problem.  I can turn the other cheek, oh really?  Did you hear about the people pepper spraying everyone to ensure they got their gift on Black Friday or what about waiting in lines or following people on the highway in the fast lane that won’t get over.  Are you still turning the other cheek now?  Well, let me tell you about a young man we will call ‘Robert’ and how he turned his cheek – more than once.

Robert, was about 20 years old, who was in college, baseball player and well liked by most.  Unfortunately for him, out of the blue came one acquaintance who, for whatever reason, decided to pick on Robert.  Actually this happened to Robert on 2 different occasions, he had tobacco slung in his face, more graphically this other person slung his saturated chewing tobacco in Robert’s face, cursing him, calling him names and wanting a fight.  Well, Robert wasn’t a fighter and in fact was a people pleaser in general.  However, I must say that the degree of the act, basically being spat upon, would provoke just about anyone to at least a verbal defense if not a punch or two.  But not Robert.  He graciously cleaned off his face, both times and walked away.

To some people Roberts response would seem foolish or cowardly because he didn’t defend himself.  But wasn’t Jesus spat upon? (Matthew 27:30)  Yet He never retaliated with His words or actions.  He forgave! (Luke 23:34)

Robert was a “Jesus” example to the young man who was provoking him, whether he realized it or not.

     I know sometimes in our marriages we argue, say things that are hurtful, do things we don’t mean to do to each other and the other one responds with a verbal attack or deed.  All for what!?  A bigger argument or I’m gonna one up you or I’ll have the last word?  What if we learned to turn the other cheek?(Matthew 5:39)

No you can’t do it in your flesh.  It’s called letting the Spirit of God consume you in that moment, and proving to your spouse that you are letting God change your heart and your learning to love like Jesus loves, which is the way God designed our marriages to be in the first place!  Ask the Lord to help  you if this is one of your struggles and I promise He will show you how to “Turn the Other CHEEK.”

……If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn the other cheek as well.  (Matthew 5:39)

Robert turned both Cheeks!

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  • chris the man branagh Dec 08, 2011 

    I would of so done some judo on that guy judodont know if i have a gun or a knife lol
    that is true something we have to work on daily .I havnt been in a fist fight in over a yr but i only pray that doesnt happen to me because i think it would of been on good story motivating

  • Alexandria Lampley Sep 09, 2012 

    Enjoyed every bit of your post.Much thanks again.


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