Laughter is a Beautiful Medicine!

Laughter is a Beautiful Medicine!


The picture above was taken several years ago of our daughters (Stormie & Jette).  It happens to be one of our favorites because of their expressions of Laughter & Love for each other.

At the end of October we often wear costumes that hide our expressions and true identity for fun. But for most of us, our faces indicate exactly how we are feeling or not feeling. Some of us are good at masquerading how we feel as well, but typically we do show it in our faces whether it’s frowning, scowling, thru our eyes, our eyebrows, a twitch, a laugh, a smile, and so on. These are all indicators to those around us!

Obviously the better indicator of our expressions for us to show is a happy/joyful face. How much of your relationship do you spend smiling and/or laughing? We tend to show our mad, frustrated, unhappy, and sad faces more often as if we are using it to manipulate our spouse in some way. It seems to be the norm between couples way too much! Why do you think it’s harder to give a pleasant smile, or laugh at things? Is it really that much more effort, or are we just not wanting to appear as though we are happy, or giving in, not even for a moment???? We do this more with our spouses than with anyone else in our life. We can be grumpy, quiet, mad, sad, and exasperated with them and then our phone will ring and suddenly we are the happiest person to whoever is calling, or we can share a smile and laughter with people at work, but never at home. That’s not the way our marriage is designed to play out my friends.

We should be filled with joy and be happy people as a general rule because of what Jesus has done for us and because He lives in our hearts. He doesn’t give us what we deserve or we wouldn’t ever be happy. This is how we should be with everybody but I am going to relate this specifically to our relationship with our spouses since marriage is supposed to be our BEST relationship.

The Bible correlates “smiling” to all things that are good, Numbers 6:25 – God smiles on you and gives you His Blessing.

Proverbs 17:22 says “a cheerful heart is good medicine……” and brings healing.
If your heart is cheerful then your face shows it, right?

Remember when you were dating or when you first met? I bet you smiled and laughed a lot. Guess what? You should still be smiling and laughing a lot! I’m here to tell you that if you are laying down your selfishness and pride, giving your everyday life to God, and living His Word, there is absolutely no reason on earth you can’t smile and laugh in your life, especially with your spouse!!!! It’s another one of those choices!

If your heart is full of the joy only God can give you, your face is gonna show it! It’s amazing how that can change your day, your spirit, and make a difference for those around you. Yes, it’s that big of a deal! There is a saying people use about others that says “…he/she lights up a room…”! It’s their smile! Their joyful countenance makes that happen! Why don’t you be the one who “lights up a room” by the look on your face, from the joy of the Lord in your heart. It will change you!

Just a few scriptures about laughter and smiling:
Genesis 21:6 – God put laughter in Sarah’s heart
Proverbs 31:25 – the Proverbs 31 woman smiles while she tackles all her domestic duties
Psalm 126:2 – God wants to fill our mouths with laughter
Luke 6:21 – He turns our weeping to laughter
Job 5:22 – He turns our fears to laughter
Job 8:21 – He can fill your mouth with laughter in the midst of adversity

Musical Notes“If your happy and you know it then your face will surely show it!”

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