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Todd and Andrea Carter make themselves available to speak and coach on marriage for any event or church gathering where God’s word can be spoken freely. They are very ethusiastic about going to other places and giving scripturally based marital information and guidelines as God has it in His word.

Todd actually does most of the speaking because our ministry was originally designed FOR men and women came along! Trust me, the way Todd presents marriage coaching causes everyone to want to hear more! He’s funny, animated, serious, sometimes emotional, an excellent motivator, and it’s all real! He speaks from his heart, but the most captivating part of his presentation is that he is very transparent which gets to the heart of the other men listening.

If you need to start a marriage ministry in your church, implement a marriage mentoring or pre-marital program, begin a class on marriage, or just need to spice up what you already have, Todd and Andrea would be a great way to help out these programs. They would love to work with your people creating or re-vamping an amazing marriage ministry. Or if you just need some exciting, passionate speakers for an event, contact Todd and Andrea to get them scheduled. You won’t be disappointed!

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