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save my marriageWritten by licensed professional counselor and former pastor, Brian Frizzell, the 40 Day Study is the centerpiece of Marriages by Design. Intended for couples to go through together, this study is then covered during the teaching time each time your Marriages By Design group meets.

While couples may follow the 40 Day study over 40 days, when coming together they will experience a unique Interactive Teaching format where the group may choose to spend several weeks studying and growing through a particular “day” contained within the study.

This forty-day-guide helps answer the question, “How can I design or redesign my marriage to be the marriage I have always desired?” By the end of this ‘building project’ you will have insight and specific direction for your marriage and will understand what God is doing as a result of this relationship.

The guide is set up using the Marriages by Design Model, which is based on the truth that God is the architect and builder of our marriage relationship.


Download a sample section of the 40 Day Study.

Marriages By Design – Day 2

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